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Lundy Hill, President and Registered Broker
Atlanta, GA
President of CRI and Registered Broker:
Having graduated from Clemson University with a degree in Electrical & Computer Engineering, Lundy's background in engineering was put to use on the NASA space shuttle, and computerized trading systems research and development.
Telephone: 404-488-6953

Phil Newman, Registered Broker
Destin, FL
A 1972 Graduate of the University of Tennessee with a BS in Accounting, Phil is an 34-year veteran of the futures arena.
His trading career includes a five year stint as a full-time off-floor stock index futures trader, followed by six years of brokering commodities, stocks, and funds for Paine Webber Inc. Affiliated with Commodity Research since 1993, he now specializes in efficiently executing a wide array of mechanical futures trading systems for numerous customers, as well as conducting intensive technical research and system development activities, utilizing sophisticated trading hardware platforms, analysis software, and electronic order entry.
Phil is dedicated to conscientiously and professionally servicing the various brokerage needs of his valued CRI clients. Let his trading experience, market knowledge, and personalized service go to work for you today.
Telephone: 850-654-4142
Toll-Free: 800-707-0718
email: cribroker@aol.com

George Pruitt, Registered Broker
George Pruitt graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science. He has worked in the system trading industry since 1989 and has been a member with the National Futures Association since 1993. During this time, he has tested 1000+ different trading systems. His research has been published in FUTURES, BARRONS, and the WALL STREET JOURNAL. Most of his time at Commodity Research Institute is spent with the other brokers facilitating System Assist Trading for their clients.
Hendersonville, NC
Telephone: 828.692.4230
email: info@FuturesTruth.com

Joe Bobek, Registered Broker
Possessing a BS in Marketing from Bradley University and a MBA from the University of Memphis, Joe has been with Commodity Research Institute since 2003.  As a broker, he is responsible for the maintenance and accuracy of trades on a day to day basis.  He works closely with George in the implementation of mechanized trading systems. Please contact Joe if you interested in discussing any brokerage opportunities.
Hendersonville, NC
Telephone: 828.692.4230
email: Joe@FuturesTruth.com

Omar "Alex" Diaz, Registered Broker
Omar Alex Diaz is a career long Finance Professional. He is a Licensed Futures Commodities Broker and holds the following registrations (Series 3 and Series 30). He holds an MBA in International Business from the University of Bedfordshire in the United Kingdom and a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from the University of South Carolina. Previous work experience includes employments with Merrill Lynch as a Financial Advisor, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu as an Financial Consultant and with Bloomberg in London as a Financial Analytics Specialist.
Greenville, SC
Telephone: 864.329.5477
email: OmarAlexDiaz@cribroker.com